ReView Exhibition & Gathering

Reduce, Reuse, ReView!

ReView – A Glass Society of Ireland eco exhibition in the landscape. Curated by Meadhbh McIlgorm

The Glass Society of Ireland presented ReView – a unique, eco-conscious Exhibition and Gathering part of our ‘sustainability’ themed programming for the International Year of Glass 2022.⁠  Held in Hunting Brook Gardens, Wicklow, September 2022, the project used minimal resources and only natural light. It was designed to give new perspectives to older or unresolved work through responsive installation in the landscape. 

The project was Curated by Meadhbh McIlgorm and the artist selection was supported by two guest jurors; USA-based artist and former Creative Director of the iconic Pilchuck Glass school Tina Aufiero, and award-winning gardener and owner of Hunting Brook, Jimi Blake.  14 Irish artists were selected to participate from an open call to GSoI members: Alison Byrne, Clare Bowe, Donna Coogan, Emer O’Donnell, Eva Kelly, Gwyn Grace, Maresa Edwards, Marja Huhta, Michelle Ryan, Rachel McDonnell, Róisín de Buitléar, Sinead Brennan, Sophie Longwill and Suzanne O’Sullivan.

The legacy of the project is the short film of the same name. A stand-alone artwork itself, the film tells the story of how light, landscape and lens gave these artworks a fleeting new life. Shot, directed and edited by Jenny Keogh of Standout Films, ‘ReView’ captures the exhibition as the day moves from morning to evening, slowly revealing the artwork and the landscape. The visuals are accompanied by poetic narration for the project.

Artists and Artworks:

Alison ByrneMinhala Vessels
Blown Glass with murrini techniques, inspired by the sea, installed in a flowing stream. 
Clare BoweRipple Effect & Ways Of Doing
Former wearables made with fused glass and macramé knotting, installed as hanging pieces in the landscape. 
Donna CooganI Gathered Up Their Empty Bottles & Drilled Holes in Them
Modified found glass bottles and accompanying poetry, installed hanging from a tree. 
Emer O’DonnellFreedom Graal blown glass, inspired by patterns in nature. Placed on a woodland tree stump. 
Eva KellyValhalla Assembled and up-recycled found glass, inspired by the evictions and home repossessions of the 2008 recession. Installed beside two derelict sheds. 
Gwyn GraceSolas an Phortaigh
Dalle de Verre monument. Placed along a winding garden path.
Maresa EdwardsThe Visit
Cast biscuit box, glass biscuits and ceramic cups. Installed on Hunting Brook’s iconic woodland table that’s being slowly reclaimed by the land. 
Marja HuhtaTapu
Screen-printed glass. Perched on a fence edge, so the figures gaze out towards the valley below.  
Michelle RyanCríoch, Tùs
Paté de verre eggs shells, a comment on the fragility of the ecosystem. Located at various points along the woodland path. 
Rachel McDonnellUnder the Harvest  Moon
A series of nature-engraved works in progress on float glass, destined to be added to from the experience at Hunting Brook. 
Róisín de BuitléarCatch a Breath
Moinéir Meala
Reticello and engraved glass butterfly nets. Hung from trees to float, gently swinging against the sky.  
Sinead BrennanA Game of Power & Control
Blown, cold-worked and engraved glass with mirror. Staged among roots and fallen trees on an wooded embankment. 
Sophie LongwillNorth Skies (evening)
Pate de verré vessel inspired by cloud forms and evening skies. Brought down to rest in an exotic flower bed. 
Suzanne O’SullivanBacchus Emerging
Installation using kiln-formed wine bottles, popping up from the ground and tree roots like a troop of mushrooms

The Process – A Call To Artists – Summer 2022

Meadhbh McIllgorm – Curator