What Glass Society of Ireland does


GSOI supports established and emerging practitioners working with glass. 

The Glass Society of Ireland is an Unincorporated Association. The organisation was established in 1991 but reformed in 2007 after a period of inactivity. The current Board of Directors has been in place since 2012.

1: We are a networking organisation 

 Our primary focus is keeping our community of glass makers in Ireland in close communication with each other.

All of our events and activities are programmed to build on this objective and strengthen relationships and moral support between Irish glass practitioners.

2: We have a strong educational focus 

We hold evening lectures whenever possible with international glass artists visiting Ireland. In recent years these have included talks by Vanessa Cutler (UK), Jeremy Lepisto (USA) and Andrea McKay (DE).

 In 2013 we organised an international symposium called Orientate at Crawford College of Art and Design. The Keynote Speaker was Francesca Giubilei from Glasstress in Venice and other presenters included Jerome  Harrington (UK), Angela Thwaites (UK), Cappy Thompson (USA) and Tanja Pak (SI).

 GSoI regularly organises skill-building workshops, aiming to provide one annually. In 2013 we held two: casting by Angela Thwaites at NCAD, Dub, and glass painting by Cappy Thompson at National Sculpture Factory, Cork.

3: We are a resource organisation 

We circulate a monthly e-bulletin to our mailing list, which provides a variety of opportunities including exhibitions, opportunities, funding, events, equipment for sale etc. for glass makers. This information is gathered by the society from a range of other national and international sources and the content is distilled to meet the specific needs of GSoI members.

We regularly update various online platforms with this information, including our website, blog, Twitter,  Facebook page and Linkedin.

 We are a resource for people visiting Ireland who are looking for information on glass in Ireland. We assist  national and international professionals searching for contacts or researching specific information relating to Irish glass.

4: We reinvest in Irish makers 

 We provide a cash prize for the RDS Craft Award competition (€500 in 2016) to support innovation and creativity in glass to ensure a bright future for the medium.